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Implants Dentaire - Dental Implants
Fadoq Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard - La Prairie
1450 Boul.Rome, Brossard (579)720 1850
Clinique Implantologie Dentaire
Clinique Implantologie Dentaire Dental Implants
1450 Boul.de Rome
Brossard , Quebec , J4W 2T4 Canada
Implants Dentaires, Dental Implants

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Prothèse Fixe Fix-On-Zircon Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Brossard-Laprairie
Prothèse Fixe Fix-On-Zircon Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Brossard-Laprairie
5 Implants Fixed Lower Zircon Denture

Prothèse Fixe Fix-On-Zircon Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Brossard-Laprairie
4 Implants Fixed Lower Zircon Denture

Tax credits

In Quebec as in Canada, a tax credit may be applied to the portion dental fees, which reduce the actual «out-of-pocket» amount you pay for the care you received.
For details on eligible expenses, please consult the websites of 
Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency.
Revenu Québec Clinique Implantologie Dentaire
Michel Puertas denturologiste, with over 25 years experience, working for several years with Dr Yvan Tesolin and Dental Implant Society at the Implantology Dental Clinic in Brossard to offer you implants and implants prosthetic services of quality, at the same place, by experienced professionals.
Revenu Canada Clinique Implantologie Dentaire

Bite into life... NOW !

500$ Value )

​implants & dental prosthesis on implants

Tax Credits

Michel Puertas denturologiste, with over 25 years experience, is a smiles creator. Graduate in denturology since 1997, adheres to the following philosophy: Satisfaction, its priority commitment. His training and field skills have it provides a solid experience. Having an on-site laboratory eliminates intermediaries and services are guarantors of the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Michel Puertas denturist is an active member of:

Denturologiste Order of Quebec (O.D.Q.)
Denturists Association of Quebec (A.D.Q.)
Society of Dental Implantology (S.I.D.)

Michel Puertas
25 Years Experience


Prothèse Fixe Fix-On-Zircon Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Brossard-Laprairie
Prothèse Fixe Fix-On-Zircon Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Brossard-Laprairie
6 Implants Fixed Upper Zircon Denture

Experience beauty and precision!
The fixed zircon prosthesis on dental implants represents the high quality solution currently available in dental implantology.
The dental aesthetics obtained with fixed zircon prostheses have a remarkable natural finish. Moreover, there is no discoloration or appearance of a black or dark line at the gum line.
Thanks to its extreme hardness and high density, this product resists masticatory forces. It is not subject to wear and its color remains unaltered.

4 Implants Fixed Upper Zircon Denture

Prothèse Fixe Fix-On-Zircon Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Brossard-Laprairie

We offer you quality, service and professionalism
​Over 25 years experience !

Michel Puertas denturologist Brossard-Laprairie

Denture Fix-On-Zircon Clinique d'Implantologie Dentaire Dental Implants Brossard

Fadoq Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard - La Prairie
Prothèse Fixe Fix-On-Zircon Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Brossard-Laprairie

Graduated from the University of Montreal in 1991, Dr Yvan Tesolin D.M.D. has since continued to pursue his passion for dentistry with numerous continuing education programs in orthodontics, implantalogy, TMJ and cosmetic dentistry

His concern for the well being and health of his patients has made him travel to prestigious institutes in North America, Asia and Europe in the quest to better his knowledge.

Dr Tesolin followed courses to improve and better his knowledge in implantology and full mouth rehabilitation at the following renowned institutes:

-Hands on Training Institute (1996-7)

-Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Studies (LVI) (2003-5)

-University of Donau, in Austria (MSc) masters in problems in the masticatory organ (2005-7)

-Misch Implant Institute and Implant Seminars, advanced bone grafting, implant restorations and surgical protocols in implantology (2007-10)

He is member of the Internationnal Congress of Oral Implantologists, where he has received his Fellowship

Dr. Tesolin shares his time between his private practice, research and lecturing in implant dentistry, where he is responsible for the implant program at the Institut Dentaire International (IDI))
In the goal to improve, continuing educational programs are always present in his agenda.

Dr Yvan Tesolin
General dentist
31 Years Experience

5 Implants Fixed Upper Zircon Denture


*​​Include Dental Implants, Scan 3D, Surgical Guide And  Final Fixed Precision Denture Zirconia Fix-On-Zircon Without Bone Graft, With Premium Esthetic Quality.

6 Implants Fixed Lower Zircon Denture

Prices include surgical (Dr Tesolin D.m.d) and prosthetic portion but may vary depending on the type of attachment or bar; a free consultation (500$ value) will give you all the information for a clear and precise choice according to your needs. Surgery, 3D scan and prosthesis, at the same place, for your comfort!.

Implants Denture Fix-On-Zircon

 7 Implants Fixed Upper Zircon Denture

Stability-Comfort-Estheticism-Best Quality Of Life-High Quality Solution

Dr Yvan Tesolin general dentist Brossard-Laprairie
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